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These costs could be higher if you need to resist tests.
To process your application the full amount which will be required is £1250.

  • (ID check where your identity will be approved.
  • The ORIGINAL documents will be checked which you have submitted earlier furthermore your picture will be taken
  • Mailing
  • licence verification in your country
  • GMC Exam booking
  • The cost of your visa specialist service
  • The cost of your visa submission of registration application
  • The cost of your immigration visa
  • Accommodation booking
  • Airport Pick up etc.
Importantly: Your living financial maintenance, e.g. rent, shopping and travel while in the UK is £2000 for 7 weeks, your bank account statement should reflect a balance of £ 2,000 OR MORE to finance your maintenance and travel while in the UK. This bank statement will be required by immigration to obtain your travel visa to the UK

Note: The cost of your flights to the UK will depend on the time you leave your country. We advise that you reserve £1000